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Journal Entry for December 1, 1999
The following is a note from Ben to his class, and their fantastic response

Dear Mrs. Cain and my class,

There were some real robbers who broke the glass in our car window while we were looking at crocodiles on a bridge.

Can you please get me a new Timber?

Other than the robbers we are having a great trip. We are seeing lots of animals, toucans, iguanas, hummingbirds, beetles, butterflies (we went into a special place for butterflies and saw them eating bananas. The butterflies live longer in there because the predators are outside. We are also swimming a lot, and I drank watermelon juice from real watermelons. And for my birthday tonight I got lobster.


We received the following response the next day from Ben's wonderful kindergarten teacher, Lynda Cain regarding the theft of Timber

Subj: Timber
Date: 12/1/1999 11:53:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lynda Cain)

Dear Ben, I was so sad to hear that your car had been broken into and that Timber and your backpack were stolen. I'm sure the people who took it didn't realize that your things were so special to you. I am sorry that happened. I know you were upset about losing Timber and your journal. I am going to send you another bear. I don't know if it will be exactly the same as Timber, but it will be a special bear for you just the same. I will get you a new journal book, too. The kids in the class were sad that your stuff got taken too. Johnny said someone took his backpack once, too. They were hoping the police would help you to find your stuff again....but we know that might not happen.

Young says: Ben, the robbers actually broke your car for real? My big brother is a policeman.

Adi says: Have the bestest trip in the universe.

Amanda says: I miss you, Ben. When are you going to come back, Ben?

Adam says: I hope that ;you are able to get a new backpack. And i am sorry that your stuff got stole.

Johnny says: I hope you can get whatever you had in your backpack (new ones). I hope ;you have a great trip.

Cory says: I hope ;you have a great trip, Ben.

Phoebe says: I'm sorry that your car got broken into. I hope ;you can get a new backpack at Toys R us. Love Phoebe.

Bye Ben, we miss you....and we like hearing about the neat stuff you are seeing in Costa Rica

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Ben blowing out his 6 candles at Tulemar Bungalows, Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica - Nov. 28, 1999. Click to enlarge

Simon Family Itinerary as of November 12, 1999

Nov 27-Dec 20 - Costa Rica
Dec 20-Jan 6 - Guatemala
Jan 6-Jan 9 - Honduras
Jan 9-Jan 25 - Mexico
Jan 25-Jan 30 - Houston
Jan 31-Feb 16 - Thailand
Feb 16-March 1 - India
March 1-March 13-Nepal
March 13-March 22 - Bhutan
March 22-March 28 - Nepal
March 29-April 16 -Japan
April 16-May 1 - China
May 1-May 10 - Egypt
May 10-Aug 21 - Africa and Europe

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