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Now in Costa Rica!
Journal Entry for November 27, 1999
With less than 2 weeks to go before we leave on The Big Trip, we now have our web site live,, and invite you to join us on our journey. We leave for San Jose, Costa Rica on Friday, November 26. Armed with a digital camera and an array of electronic accoutrements (many of which we are not quite sure of how to use), we will look forward to sharing our travels, adventures and misadventures.

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Simon Family Itinerary as of November 12, 1999

Nov 27-Dec 20 - Costa Rica
Dec 20-Jan 6 - Guatemala
Jan 6-Jan 9 - Honduras
Jan 9-Jan 25 - Mexico
Jan 25-Jan 30 - Houston
Jan 31-Feb 16 - Thailand
Feb 16-March 1 - India
March 1-March 13-Nepal
March 13-March 22 - Bhutan
March 22-March 28 - Nepal
March 29-April 16 -Japan
April 16-May 1 - China
May 1-May 10 - Egypt
May 10-Aug 21 - Africa and Europe

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